Get In The Game

I just read an article written on trafficking and I am broken in so many ways.  What these girls are going through is absolutely unimaginable and I hurt for them.  As I ponder all the things I read:  the rape, abuse, drugging, beatings, torture, the ripping, bleeding, bruising, choking, suffocating, killing, stabbing, slavery, chains, and the PURE EVIL it is, I am stuck on the fact that we all can just sleep so easily at night.

How is it that we have become so numb to these things?

How are we so able to live our lives as though no one else is going through a literal hell on earth RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

While we are busy with every activity under the sun, and filling our little ones time with much of the same, little girls as young as 4 are being sold for sex; even here in America, the land of the “free.”

I know, deep down, if we saw it first hand, we would not only care (because just caring does nothing to change a situation) but I KNOW we would DO SOMETHING.

But because it is a bit removed, we can read the news, hear the stories, feel sad, and then drive to the gym and get our workout in without even thinking about it for the rest of the day, week, or even longer than that.  We can, with the click of a button, begin browsing on Facebook or Pinterest and get wrapped up in pictures of cute little children and dogs, and all kinds of random things, meanwhile having already forgot about the Christian missionaries in Syria that ISIS just gang raped and beheaded publicly, or the girl in Thailand who was just sold by her mom to a brothel where she will live the rest of her short lived life.

How we have become so desensitized to these stories to the point we are not even moved to action?

We can see a ministry in need of something, do nothing about it because we already gave “enough” and then take our family out for dinner without even thinking twice.  We can actually feel annoyed by all the “asking” for money from churches, ministries, and fundraisers, yet begin planning our next project or remodel in the next breath. 

Unfortunately, someone else’s life is the cost of our apathy and indifference, and unless we do something drastic about it, many more lives will be lived in utter hell on earth simply because we never REALLY sacrificed, fought, or gave in the way we could.

God’s word says to:  “DO JUSTICE DAILY.”  

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?  Isaiah 58

“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed.”   Isaiah 1

We are called to do this, EVERY SINGLE DAY!  

What are we busy with every single day?

If we are not doing justice daily, we need to rearrange some things.  If we say we don’t have time but we are involved in a lot of other activities and commitments God never commanded us to do daily, then we are focused on things we shouldn’t be.

We can’t justify barely giving a shred of our time to fight the injustice of all of this when we do have time to get in shape, shop, and do a lot of other things that are not sin, but if not in the proper place, can be.

After reading the article I went to the bathroom and just pondered the fact that it could be any one of us.  If I was born into a brothel, and drugged and raped my whole life, it would be me.  I didn’t choose where I was born and neither did you.  

Why isn’t it me?  Why isn’t it you? 

THERE ARE SO MANY HORRENDOUS THINGS happening, and for whatever reason, we were spared from living this hell on earth.   Out of humble gratefulness that we aren’t chained to a bed and sold for sex 20 times a day, we should be completely unable to feel comfortable living a complacent life, going through the motions, giving our leftover time, resources and talents to obeying what God has already commanded us to do.

Our thankfulness should move us to consistent, daily, zealous action for others.  Like Jesus did in the temple, we should be turning over the tables because “His zeal should consume us.”

We can no longer be content to sit on the sidelines while we live our safe, comfortable, prosperous American life, yet not taking the responsibility we have to others seriously; Life and Death Seriously.  

Each one of us has so much to offer from the position of having a voice, freedom, and the resources all around us to DO something.  We can make a difference!   We must remember, there is always someone on the other side of our obedience, waiting for us to get in the game! 

It is my hope that reading this will encourage you to not heap shame on yourself and beat yourself up with it.  That is just another way satan keeps you benched.  It is my prayer a healthy amount of conviction will spur you to action as it has me.  We don’t have time to turn this inward in a way where we take offense, and still do nothing.  We must be challenged, repent, and move out of complacency and into action.  

It is time for us to GET IN THE GAME!