An Orphans Twas The Night Before Christmas

I wrote this during my time living in Ethiopia.  I was awakened at about 2 in the morning with it in my head.  I wrote it down and went back to bed.

T’was the night before Christmas and out on the street, a girl stood there crying with nowhere to sleep.  Her belly is empty, her clothes ripped and torn, and mostly she wishes she had never been born.

Yet the difference of living in the USA, our family won’t finish the food on our plates.  Our stockings are full, our bellies are fed, were toasty and warm in our soft, cozy beds.

But the girl on the streets has no blanket or bed, just the cold, dirty ground and no place for her head.  So she cry’s out to Jesus:  “Lord, your my ONLY hope” I have nowhere to turn, there is no where to go.

Yet across the great pond there is plenty to spare, but after what’s spent on ourselves we’ll have little to share.  All the toys, and the gifts, oh’ the shopping galore, then we’ll give what’s left over to the orphaned and poor.

And like so many others she’ll eventually die, and our God, with deep grief, will ask all of us: “WHY”?

Why aren’t you sharing all that I’ve entrusted you with?  You’ve been given so much, while they can’t even live!  Nice big houses, brand new cars, swimming pools, so much more, and they’ll just keep on dying while you spend more and more.

Even your animals are very well fed, they have treats and good food, and a soft, cozy bed.  But my kids sleep in danger and go days without food, while the cost of vacation could have helped quite a few.

Did I not tell you plainly to take care of the poor, to give what you have, and to share so much more?  So you’ll open your presents and add to your “stuff” while my children will die from a lack of enough.